Data at a Glance

Many businesses already have the core data and metrics that their day to day activities rely on. What they don't have is a single place they can go to view this data. A dashboard is a collection of graphs, tables, and widgets that gives you the ability to quickly digest all crucial business data.

Reports are structured outputs of business data. Whether its quarterly sales data or daily warehouse stock, we can wrap up your data into an exportable file that best suits your business needs. Our reports are built using tools that allow all reports to be quickly converted to PDF, Excel, JPEG or be prepared for viewing from your web site. If you still enjoy viewing your reports on paper, all of our reports are optimized for printing.

Use Cases:

  • Display sales data
  • Track open orders
  • Manage service calls
  • Present weekly / monthly / quarterly sales data
  • Create custom invoices
  • Hour tracking
  • Viewing sales quotas
  • Product inventory

Often times dashboards and reports can be combined with a Custom Integration to provide data from all of your business tools.